5/3 The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Though we walk through the valley of the shadow we shall fear no evil. Ps. 23
We realize now what we never did before except in fleeting glimpses – much of this world is in the valley of the shadow- we see now how everything in this valley world is connected and much of it broken.  We see now the gaps and distortions and illusions and it is overwhelming at times.  We are sheep people and all the sheep are affected. But if there’s a valley that means there’s a mountain somewhere; a mountain with green pastures, high and above the shadows which have become too real.  Staying on the right path helps and the Shepherd has opened a way if we can walk in His strength and follow.   The only time to look down is to watch for the snakes in the grass.  The challenge is to keep looking up and lifting up – the Shepherd rises before us – Jesus the Gate – Jesus the Lamb -Jesus the Way, Truth, Life.  Let us listen to His voice and help one another and others along the way. Fear no evil – Pray Strong – Stay Strong – Bless God – God Bless!