5/17 The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Fear of the Unknown and the unknown god

Paul saw a lot of things in the streets as he shared the Good News.  And one thing struck him which spoke to the need of humanity – an inscription on one of the many altars he came across and which said it all: ‘to an unknown god’.  In the streets, virtual and paved – of our now masked, “new normal” world, fear of the unknown creates the desperate need for, and void of, answers and assurance.  The void is vast and those who would fill it are legion, for blind fear drives the heart to grasp at almost anything. With the unknowing of god, our world bows to the idols of modernity which are pretty much the same that Paul encountered.  Fear and its perpetuation proliferate where there is no certainty and the conflicting voices of the void ring out.  But like Paul we share a God who we’re not afraid to know or make known – a God for all.  Let us pray for ourselves and our world and its void as we daily receive and share Him who stills all fear.

Know Jesus. Know Peace.