11/8 The 23rd Sunday after Pentecost “Five of them were foolish and five of them were wise” Mt.25.2

Today Matthew tells us the kingdom will be like a wedding banquet where the maidens bearing the processional lights were not all ready – some had prepared the extra oil needed for their lamps, and some had not.  He finishes with a reminder to keep awake and ready – because no one has the inside line on when God will open the Kingdom.

From the scriptures we know that day will have turmoil and chaos, when God’s eternal call for justice and righteousness can no longer be sidestepped.  As God is presently and eternally making all things new, we pray to have the courage and His grace to be ready NOW for his Kingdom.  Our daily prayer of humble submission is that His kingdom come, His will be done, and for the daily bread of His love filling us and illuminating us.  Saint Charles Borromeo reminds us, “Know and recall that there is no greater wealth and treasure, nothing more excellent and fruitful, than to love God and serve him – and that everything else passes like smoke and shadow”.

The scriptures also tell us “whosoever” comes to God won’t be cast out.  So, let us be ready with the love of Jesus – and one another – in our hearts and deeds.