12/20 Fourth Sunday of Advent: God’s Strength

The messenger of God’s Strength -Gabriel – comes to Mary in today’s gospel with a greeting that troubles her before she even knows the news he brings.   The awareness of God’s favor, and having chosen her, is overwhelming.   And the news accompanying it, even more daunting.  But Her questions are answered and Her response, grace filled:  Here I am – let it be – according to your word, let it be.   Like Mary, we all have questions and each of us is chosen by God for a special purpose.  Advent is a time when we are reminded to quieten ourselves – to be at peace in that silent night, and pay heed to Gabriel’s message of strength that God has for us:  His strength and grace are sufficient for You – in whatever we’re facing – and more importantly in all that He’s calling You to do.
Father God, remove from our hearts all fear, skepticism and doubt.  Inspire us with greater faith, love and confidence in your goodness and your will to provide us with all that we need to do the work you have prepared for us.  Amen.